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Despite increasing popularity and attention, the number of travelers to Bhutan remains relatively few and you may well find your friends look blank when you mention it.
Culturally it is a world away from anything you have experienced elsewhere.

The beauty of the pastoral landscape can seem unreal to travelers from the industrialized world: houses with brightly decorated window frames and shingled roofs, patchworks of green paddy fields, plots of tawny buckwheat, oak forests, a covered bridge bedecked in colorful prayer flags, fences of intricately woven bamboo, a man leaning on a wooden rail trampling his harvest, a women weaving in the open air, a baby laced into a horse’s saddlebag, yaks browsing in a grove of giant rhododendrons.

Such scenes remain in the memory forever. But it is the symbols of Bhutan’s religion which leaves the deepest impression: the chorten (commemorative monuments) dot the landscape, fluttering prayer flags, prayer wheels turned by the water of swift mountain streams and the awesome monasteries. Buddhism is everywhere, determining attitudes, molding thoughts.

Trekking in Bhutan

The scope for trekking in Bhutan is immense - from short walks to arduous treks. To trek here is to experience the kingdom of Bhutan at its most magnificent. From the towering snow peaks of the inner Himalayas to the verdant forests which cloak the hills above its peaceful valleys, the trails are clean and unspoiled, and the wilderness still pristine in its beauty.

Bhutan Tour magical Bhutan

Magical Bhutan
7 days

Paro - Thimphu - Punaka - Wangdue - Gangtey - Taktsang - Paro

Venture into a world that will touch your heart and soul. Nestled deep in the eastern Himalaya, unknown to much of the world. Magnificent mountains, lush valleys, thick forests, a serene lifestyle and traditions unchanged for centuries – this is the essence of Bhutan. Towns are tiny, little more than villages, with quiet streets lined by decorative shops and houses. A farmhouse home stay is one of the highlights.


Bhutan Tour Glimpse of Bhutan

A Glimpse of Bhutan
4-5 days

Paro - Thimphu - Wangdue & Punakha - Paro

For those limited by time, this is a brief glimpse of this remote Himalayan kingdom; one which we hope will tempt you to return. Visit the architectural wonders and spiritual centers of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue and experience a little of the country's incredible natural beauty. A trip sure to tempt you back for more.

Bhutan Land of Thunder Dragon

Land of the Thunder Dragon

11 days
Paro - Thimphu - Punaka - Trongsa - Bumthang - Wangdue - Paro

Colorful prayer flags highlight natural and man-made features of the landscape, adorning houses and bridges; standing atop ridges and mountain passes and in forest clearings.
This is Bhutan, a kingdom that has long maintained its independence and isolation from the outside world and so preserved a fascinating Himalayan culture and tradition - a land of myths, legends and traditions which are as vital and alive today as when they originated. A farmhouse homestay and medieval Bumthang are definite highlights
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Bhutan has the reputation of being an expensive destination - we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Legendary Bhutan tour

Legendary Bhutan

10 days
Paro - Thimphu - Wangdue - Gangtey - Trongsa - Bumthang - Wangdue - Thimphu - Paro

Bhutan is becoming increasingly known for its pure practice of Mahayana Buddhism in the tantric form, its untouchable culture, its pristine ecology and wildlife and unparallel scenic beauty of its majestic peaks and lush valleys. This is a fast-paced tour which focuses on the cultural wealth of the country and its historical artistic & religious traditions.

eastern Bhutan tour

Discover Eastern Bhutan

14 days

Paro - Taktsang - Thimphu - Punaka - Trongsa - Bumthang - Mongar - Tashigang - Samdrup Jongkar

This is a tour for those with time and the desire to venture into a very un-touristic world. Travel to the largely unvisited east of Bhutan for a close encounter with traditional Bhutan; its culture, stunning beauty and religious traditions. The region remains distinct from central and western Bhutan; its economic history routed in the regions position as trade route between Tibet and Assam - its political and religious traditions also stem from this role. 

Haa Valley Trek

Bhutan: Haa Valley Trek

5 days


Following an ancient trade route this trek will take you through some of the most scenic valleys of western Bhutan - You will trek past herders camps - cows in summer, yaks in winter - alpine meadows, spruce and fir forests and camp overnight near small villages

The most important temple in the Haa valley is the Lhakhang Karpo (White Temple) supposedly built by a pigeon emanation of the 7th century Tibetan King, Songtsen Gampo.

May be added into any Bhutan itinerary.

Bumthang Trek

Bhutan: Bumthang Cultural Trek

3 days

ex Bumthang

The lovely Bumthang valley is the religious heartland of the nation and home to some of its oldest Buddhist temples and monasteries. This three day trek passes through several villages on its meandering route through Bumthang countryside, and provides an exceptional opportunity for contact with Bhutanese rural life.

Bhutan Druk Path

Bhutan: Druk Path Trek

6 days


One of the most scenic treks in Bhutan, the Druk Path ventures along wilderness trails into unpopulated regions, past several remote lakes.
visit Jili Dzong where a large chapel contains an impressive 4-meter Shakyamuni statue. Then follow a long, rhododendron-covered ridge with views of Jhomolhari and other snow peaks.

Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan Festivals

Tsechus are festivals extolling the great deeds of the Buddhist Saint, Padmasambhava, popularly known as “Guru Rinpoche”.
All the districts, dzongs and a large number of villages in the east, hold annual tsechus, which attract people from far and wide. Certain tsechus end with the veneration of a huge appliqué thangkha.
Many of the dancers are monks who, through meditation, transform themselves into the deity they represent on the dance ground.
These are colorful, joyous events
Remember - these are tour suggestions.  All may be customised to suit your time & interests.
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