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Community homestays - Nepal

Homestays are a bridge between the diverse cultures, traditions and real faces of Nepal and rest of the world. Community Homestays are an opportunity to live and dine with a local family, cherish the moments spent with a host community and experience the authentic hospitality of Nepalese society.

The host family welcomes guest as more than just tourists, but as friends; as a part of a family member. During your stay with the host family you will participate in their local festivals, celebrations and daily work. It is an exceptional opportunity to experience a completely different way of life, far from the mad rush of the world we are all too familiar with. Certainly, there couldn’t be any better way than this to give you an insight into the real, authentic Nepal.

For a longer homestay journey see Living with the Locals

Patan - Kathmandu Valley

Lalitpur Metropolitan City, historically Patan is the third largest city of Nepal and it is located in the south-central part of Kathmandu valley which is a metropolitan city of Nepal. Patan city is renowned as artistic city and rich with cultural heritage.  Most of the art is devoted to Gods and there are an abundance of temples & bahals.

Whilst Patan is visited by thousands of tourists daily they only see the surface. The uniqueness and distinctness of Patan community homestay lie in its emphasis on making the guest experience a new Patan, its hidden beauty and untold stories. It focuses on an overall development of Patan and its locals which shall contribute in the preservation and promotion of the city.

Suggested Itinerary - Kathmandu Valley

Day 01: Drive via Bhaktapur to Panauti / Overnight Panauti Community Homestay
Day 02: Hike from Panauti to Namo Buddha and drive to Pharping / Overnight Neydo Monstery
Day 03: Drive from Pharping to Patan / Overnight Patan Community Homestay
Day 04: Departure


Panauti - Kathmandu Valley

Just 36 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu, Panauti is a beautiful historic town with an ancient atmosphere.

In 2013, fifteen women from Panauti became involved in this initiative as a way of raising their status and income through tourism. As in other parts of Nepal, the role of women here is often relegated to that of just a housewife, with few outside opportunities. To challenge this notion, the women of Panauti collectively opened their houses to travelers from all around the world; initiating the homestay programme so they could interact with guests, improve their English and find sustainable income through tourism.

Barauli - Chitwan

With a very unique and characteristic culture, Tharu is indigenous to the Terai region where a tiny, but a beautiful village, Barauli stands proudly with its centuries-old traditions, arts and crafts. Their well-preserved authentic lifestyle makes Barauli a utopia of living history, culture, music and green vegetation.

A green belt of Nepal, Terai is home to hundreds of birds and endangered animals. Amid this beautiful story, the Barauli Community Homestay was created to provide a platform to the Tharu people for the preservation of their rich culture and a medium for locals to interact with the rest of the world.

Enter this wonderful community and live like a true Tharu local while you stay on the outskirts of the famous Chitwan National Park.

Suggested Itinerary - Chitwan National Park

01 Day: Arrival Barauli. Welcome Program, Cultural Dance, Dinner
02 Day: Half day Jeep Safari, Village Visit & Cycling to Narayani River
03 Day: Departure

Tharu - Chitwan

AOne of the indigenous and culturally rich, but very shy tribes in the Terai region , ‘Tharu’ is one of the successful preservers of their centuries-old tradition and culture in modern Nepal. Widely accepted as ‘Children of Nature’, Tharus - from their early existence have connected themselves with the protection of forest, nature, and have been following ‘agriculture’ as their major occupation. Be it their traditional homes, cuisine, lifestyle, or their cultural dance; every aspect of Tharu community is unique and beautiful.

Stay in traditionally built huts; the Tharu Community Homestay offers accommodation in the local settlement, close to the local families, for the authentic local experience.

Venture to fish with the locals or go for a safari, with your very own host family - as no one can explain the beauty of their ancestral forest than Tharu themselves. Or simply walking amongst the local villages.

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