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"I want to say at the outset that the whole holiday was fabulous – one of the best I’ve ever had."


China Tour: Iconic China

8 days
Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Xitang - Guilin

The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen and the Forbidden City; the Bund and Pudong Tower in Shanghai, Terracotta Warriors, ancient canal towns and the stunning karst scenery of Guilin - these are the iconic sights the world associates with China, and with good reason.

China tours Beijing
China Tours Tibetan Expeditions

China Tours Tibetan Expeditions

China Tour: Essential China

8 days
Beijing - Xi'an - Nanjing - Suzhou - Shanghai

The essence of China: Imperial monuments, classical erchitecture and ultra-modern sky-scrapers, Revolutionary icons and historic sites. The frenetic pace of the world's busiest streets and peaceful alcoves. A glimpse of the vast complexity that is China.

China Tour: Discover Yunnan

9 days
Zhongdian (Shangri-la) - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang - Dali

Colorful Yunnan is a region that is always a traveler favorite - one of China’s most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces. Here in the foothills of the Himalaya snow-capped peaks, dramatic ravines and pine forest meet rural villages, lakes and rice fields. Add a variety of peoples, traditional and western-style accommodations and eating options - shop minority markets, laze in lake-side cafes, hike through villages and scenic valleys - a relaxing holiday whilst discovering something new.

China Tour: Highlights of China

12 days
Shanghai - Guilin - Yangzi River & the Three Gorges - Xi'an - Beijing

China's history is dramatic, but the changes taking place every day are equally astounding. As you stroll the famous Bund-Shanghai's wonderful promenade you see 21st Century skyscrapers to the left and historic art-deco buildings to the right. Beijing, China's impressive capital, is a mix of four-lane highways and ancient cobbled alleys. A journey through the highlights of China – one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating of countries.

China Tour: Highlights of Northern China

12 days
Shanghai - Nanjing - Yangzi River & the Three Gorges - Xi'an - Beijing

Grand cities, archeological sites, Yangzi river gorge scenery and much more - this fantastic trip shows off the best of China's sights. Travel from the arresting glory of Shanghai to historical Nanjing. Moving inland, learn about life on the Yangzi river and boat through the famous Three Gorges. Explore Xi'an and marvel at the the Terracotta Warriors before walking on the Great Wall in China's capital. This is a great way to see the contrasts of China in two weeks.

China Tour: West Sichuan

4-8 days
Chengdu - Wolong - Danba - Tagong
Wonong - Danba - Luhuo - Dege - Litang - Baiyu - Tagong

Giant & Red Pandas, Tibetan village & monasteries - an area culturally, ethnically and historically Tibetan, although always distinct and separate from the political power of Lhasa. If you don't have time to travel to Tibet this short trip will take you into some very special parts of the Tibetan world - or add one to your itinerary before flying to Lhasa for a very different Tibetan experience

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