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China Tour: Sacred Mountains

16 days
Beijing - Datong - Wutai Shan - Pingyao -Cangyan Shan - Tai Shan - Qufu - Song Shan - Shaolin - Longmen Caves - Xi'an

One of the most magnificent journeys possible in China; blending sacred sites, traditional villages and magnificent landscapes. Discover the essence of China's, art, literary and religious traditions.

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China Tour: Tibetan Regions of China

12-13 days
Chengdu - Wolong Panda Base - Songpan -Jiuzhaiguo - Langmusi - Xiahe (Labrang)
- Ta'er Si (Kumbum) - Xining

Much of the Tibetan regions of Kham and Amdo lie ouside the TAR. They are culturally, ethnically and historically Tibetan, although have always remained distinct and separate from the political power of Lhasa. An area home to still-traditional villages, vast grasslands and huge monasteries - Labrang is one of the most important in the Tibetan world. A distincly different Tibetan experience.

China Tour: Yunnan Wonders of the Southwest

12 days
Kunming - Dali - Shaxi Valley - Ma Ping Guan - Jianchuan - Lijiang - Yuhu - Zhongdian (Shangri-la) - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang - Dali

Colorful Yunnan is a region that is always a traveler favorite - one of China’s most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces. Here in the foothills of the Himalaya snow-capped peaks, dramatic ravines and pine forest meet rural villages, lakes and rice fields. Add a variety of peoples, traditional and western-style accommodations and eating options - shop minority markets, laze in lake-side cafes, hike through villages and scenic valleys - a relaxing holiday whilst discovering something new.

China Tour: Hidden Villages & peoples of the South

14 days
Guiyang - Kali - Taijiang - Xijiang - Chejiang - Zhaoxing - Chengyang - Longjii Rice Terraces- Guilin - Yangshuo

This tour takes you along the backroads of Guizhou province, through myriad minority villages, from the Biasha tribe whose men dress as ancient warriors, to the Datang “mini skirt” Miao. You will hear the polyphonic singing of the Dong, see an abundance of local arts and crafts and explore the traditional architecture of villages with over 2000 year histories. Continue into north-western Guangxi to the delightful Dong village of Chengyang and the Longjii Rice Terraces before arriving in Guilin.


Bhutan tours, treks, travel. Tibetan Expeditions