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A vast, diverse, ancient and complex land - a country of infinite variety and infinite possibilities. It encompasses some of the world's most ancient traditions and longest history along side the most advanced technology and modern architecture.
Geographically China offers everything from the beaches and rice terraces of the tropical south to the vast deserts of the northwest, the barren Tibetan Plateau, the fertile heartlands crossed by the great Yangzi and Yellow Rivers and thick forests and alpine lakes of Manchuria. Huge, modern metropolis' and tiny rural villages. The food, the people and the culltures are as diverse as the landscape - the possibilities are endless.

All our China tours are private tours and fully customizable for you - China is such an extensive land we have put together some itineraries to get you started - unmissable highlights and our favorite haunts. Email us to discuss your ideal trip. info@tibetanexpeditions.com

Tibetan Expeditions China Temple of Heaven
Tibetan Expeditiond China Giant Panda
China Tours canal towns

China tours highlights
China Tours introducing you to the "must see" highlights of China as well as introducing you to some smaller, less-traveled places which will give you a glimpse to the incredible diversity China has to offer.

Even if you are short on time there is plenty of scope for short trips in China. Transport is regular and efficent, especially between major desitinations so you can also cover quite a lot of territory in a short time.

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China tours China in depth
The scope for travel in China is endless. Venture off the main tourist trail into towns and villages where traditional architecture and life-styles are little changed by the modern world. Journey across the vast expanses of Inner Mongolian grasslands and Xinjiang's deserts. Take a kung fu lesson in Shaolin, climb sacred mountains, see pandas in the wild and sample culinary delights from north to south.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThematic Journeys & Minority Regions

Chinas minority peoples
Have a specific interest or enjoy traveling with a theme? Sacred Mountains, Mao, village architecture, minority peoples, water towns, Temples ...
Here are some suggested itineraries or we can work with you to tailor a trip to your interests.

Much of the Tibetan world lies outside the borders of the TAR; in western Sichuan and southern Qinghai and Gansu provinces.Highlights include the remote areas of Kham - home of the Tibetan warrior peoples; the vast Labrang monatery, Kumbum (or Ta'er Si) and, Repkong, center of Tibetan art.

In the south and southwest the provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guanxi are home to the majority of China's ethnic minorities - the possibilities for exploring this area of colorful villages and welcoming peoples inhabiting beautiful landscapes, are endless.

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