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The Tibetan Plateau offers myriad possibilities - it is a world like no other. Tibet has one of the world's richest cultural and spiritual traditions; here men and deities inhabit the same landscape, both physical and mental. To travel across the incredible Tibetan Plateau is to venture into the realm of the gods. A world where colors are enhanced; the atmosphere a constant reminder that you truly are on the Roof of the world”.
Our speciality is designing tours specifically to suit you.

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The "Land of the Thunder Dragon" jealously guards its lifestyles and traditions. Nestled deep in the eastern Himalaya it is a stunningly beautiful country unknown to much of the world. It is a land of magnificent mountains, lush valleys, thick forests, a serene lifestyle and traditions unchanged for centuries. Towns are little more than villages, with quiet streets lined by decorative shops and houses. Colorful prayer flags highlight natural and man-made features of the landscape.

The lure and romance of Nepal comes from its very remoteness - nestled high in the Himalaya. Apart from Nepal’s world-renowned physical attractions – frozen peaks, broad valleys, lush jungles and exotic wildlife – it is a country with an ancient, rich and diverse cultural heritage. Traditional architecture mingles with the modern, busy streets divert around sacred shrines, festivals celebrate gods and heroes and suited-businessmen offer katak’s to departing visitors.

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Tibet Thematic journeys
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Tibet Thematic Journeys

Do you have a specific interest which you would like to focus on during your trip?
For example - Tibetan art. Include time at a workshop where images of Tibetan deities are made, both for home and public altars. Or learn how thangkas are painted - try this yourself… These are genuine visits to learn from artists known personally to us - not shopping expeditions.
Let us know what interests you and we can work with you to emphasis these aspects in your trip.

Tibetan regions of China

Despite popular impressions Tibet has not been a unified country for most of its history – and today this has not changed. There are great places to visit which are historically and culturally Tibetan which are within China, but outside the TAR – and have been outside Lhasa’s influence for much of their history. These are fantastic places to visit and, in most cases, are not subject to the restrictions controlling travel within the TAR.

Travel Companions

Travelling alone or wishing to join others to reduce costs?
Listed here are itineraries for which we have people looking for travel companions.

Tibetan Expeditions

Tibetan Expeditions would like to offer you the journey of a lifetime; the opportunity to experience some of the most incredible cultures and landscapes that this planet has to offer. As a Tibetan agency based in Lhasa, we know the region better than anyone and, with our mix of Tibetan and western staff and management; as well as close connections throughout the region we are able to provide the best on-the-ground organisation and support possible .
All our itineraries are carefully designed to balance included activities and free time - experienced local guides ensure you get the most from your sightseeing and introduce you to the local culture and cuisine, yet there is also plenty of time for you to make your own discoveries.
We believe that in order to fully enjoy your journey and appreciate all this wonderful region has to offer it is important to allow yourself to relax and to take the time to absorb the atmosphere, the smells, the tastes... and not just rush from sight to sight.


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