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References & Testemonials

High Plains Drifers - Sydney Morning Herald Travel Section - Feb 18, 2005

Hi Catherine, Just a quick one to say thanks for organising our trip and that we really enjoyed it! JingMi (spelling!?), our guide, was fantastic, as was our driver. The overall arrangements and itinerary were very well planned and executed, with the right amount of flexibility too. Thanks again and good luck, Sean (Central Tibet 2015)

Thanks Catherine.
We had a lot of fun and really valued the experience. Some of the hotel conditions were a little rough but the quality of the guide and driver make it a great experience! We also really appreciated your flexibility during the trip (change of hotels and itineraries etc) and up front work. Thanks again Jake  (EBC Jan 2015)

Dear Catherine,
we safely arrived home and we would like to thank YOU.
Because you supported us so patiently in preparing this memorable trip!
We had a unique time and fell in love with this wonderful country… Also Tinley and Tashi have been doing an amazing job in making its comfortable as possible. Whenever I will return to Tibet I would love to book both of them again !
Once again thank you very much and best from Amsterdam, Michael (Central Nov 2014)

Dear Catherine, We are back to Brazil, unfortunately. And we will surely get back to Tibet. So many things were left unseen. And certainly you will help us again. Please, see the photos attached hereto and please give them to Tenzin and to our driver. We didn't pick theirs emails. And please tell them they were the best guides and we will never forget their kindness and hospitality. Hope to see you again soon,(Helder & Raquel, Central 2014)

Dear Catherine,
I like to thank you for your help. The trip was excellent, there was no negative part of it. Best regards, Zoltan (2014)

Dear Catherine,
I wanted to thank you for organizing everything. It was a really great trip and everything worked out well.I will write a recommendation on trip advisor! All the best, Christina & Christoph (Tibet, 2014)

Dear Catherine, Thanks, the trip was amazing. And we definitely intend to come back to Tibet next year.
Regards, Polina (Central Tibet 2014)

We are safe and sound  in Kathmandu thanks to you, our guide, the driver and the dutch group who arranged the helicopter.
We would like to thank you for taking care of us and our trip!
Also we would like to inform you that we had a good, caring guide (Jigme). He was very wel informed about the history of buddhism and the lifestyle of the monks and the local people. He was very kind, understanding and alway on time. Although he took his job very serious, he could even make a joke or two after a few days :- Siona & Cindy (Tibet Overland 2014)

Hi Catherine
Better late than never!! I have been meaning to email you ever since we got back but as usual life events have got in the way. I just wanted to say that we had a truly wonderful trip across Tibet with Jamphel and Mingmar. We had a few crazy unplanned mini adventures along the way (!) and were rewarded with a a magnificent and once in a lifetime view of Mt Everest. One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to the nunnery and being allowed to take a picture! 
I don't know if any of us will ever make it to Tibet again, we feel  privileged to have had this amazing experience which will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for helping to organise our time there. Thank you to Jamphel and Mingmar.
Kindest regards Zoe, John, Saxon and Courtney (Tibet 2014)

Hahaha! Thanks Catherine, it was a great trip - had an amazing time and really enjoyed Tibet!
Happy New Year! Jeremy & Steven (Central Tibet 2013)

Hello Catherine,
We are arrived in France.
A big Thank You for this marvelous trip in Tibet : the organisation was excellent and the Guide, Lob Sang, was so perfect (he knows all in Tibet !!!!). It was a great trip for all 5 and we enjoyed a lot. Thank you (Fabrice, Central Tibet 2013)

Catherine, it was wonderful to travel with you to Kailash, you changed my perspectives and preconceptions about Tibet complelety. The way we see Tibet in the US is very different. I will never forget this trip. (Steven, Kailash 2013)

Dear Catherine,
We are back to Italy! I would like to thank you so much for the trip, everything was perfect and we enjoyed so much every single moment! All the organization was perfect and in particular I would like to highlight that our guide - Tseten - was really one of the best guide we ever had, very professional and kind, he is really fantastic! We tried to send him a text to thank him for the fantastic trip but the message never reached him....Do you know if he has an e-mail address?
Thanks again for all, we will reccomand you to all our italian friends!
Tashi Delek. (Sandra and Mirko, 2013)

Hi Catherine,
I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time in Tibet and that you run a really great organization.
Please convey my thanks and greetings to Sonam, Tashi and Takia.
Our journey was less of a guided tour (which I detest) and more like a trip with friends. Every day brought new and pleasant surprises and among so many highlights, the one that stood out was the day we drove into Darchen. It was evident that our group had all the best arrangements. Thank you for making my childhood dream a pleasant and memorable one. Cheers!
Jeff (Kailash 2013)

Thanks for all of your help, especially the permits for Western Tibet. The trip itself was one of the high-lights of my life. Thanks again for helping to make the experience so memorable! Mike +2(Kailash 2011)

Nepal is wonderful, but it doesn't come close to Tibet! Thanks for such a wonderful trip! Ryan (Kailash 2011)

I am back in Vancouver and reminiscing on my time in Tibet and Bhutan.
In spite of missing the EBC overland portion of Tibet, I immensely enjoyed my time in Lhasa. It was a thrill for me to get my feet on Tibetan soil. I will be back again without my bronchitis bug!
And Bhutan was a very interesting country. I don't know if they really have it that together or if they are just darned good at promoting themselves, but my tour was wonderful. The accommodations (palatial compared to Nepal) and food were excellent, and my guide, a young woman of 28, was so informed and fun. The fresh air was such a treat after Nepal. I would like to go back there to trek sometime.
It was great to meet you, you do such a good job, and I have recommended you to many people I met on my travels. Thanks again for making it all seamless for me and all the best. Please say hi to both Karma's and Dawa from me! Ruth, Canada (Tibet Overland & Bhutan, 2011)

Hi Catherine
Sorry about the delay in contacting you.... but thankyou for organizing the Nepal leg and Tibet/Kailash trip for us. We had a great time and loved seeing that awesome landscape and experiencing a little of the Tibetan and Nepali culture. We appreciate your efforts.
Thanks again Kind regards Ailsa and John, Australia (Kailash & Nepal 2011)

Just wanted to thank you and the tour company for organising a truly fantastic trip to Tibet for us. Your willingness to provide timely information and updates was outstanding and I would recommend anyone else to undertake such a trip. We had the most amazing experiences in Lhasa and travelling through Tibet with our guide, Shirab and driver Ihakpa who were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. 
The arrangements and guide for the rest of the China trip were also great and went without a hitch.
Thanks so much and would love to come back sometime.
Angela+4 (Lhasa-EBC-Lhasa, 2011)

Hello Catherine
I just want to thank for the attention given to us during our trip to Tibet.
Please send our thanks to Karma, our guide, to the two drivers, and the Kathmandu group. Everything was as explained before, and we enjoyed very much our trip. Once again, Thanks a lot. Alexandre + 2, Brasil (Tibet Overland, 2011)

Firstly thanks so much for organizing a driver and accommodation for us to/in Kathmandu at such short notice. Geoff was not in a good way and definitely needed to get out of Tibet (high altitude) in a hurry. Dorjee and the driver were fantastic and very accommodating to our needs, we greatly appreciate it.Despite how our time in Tibet ended, we really did have a fantastic experience and saw some amazing things that we will never forget. We are very disappointed that we weren�t able to see out our itinerary, but plan to make the most of the time we have here in Nepal before we go to Bhutan � we might have to see Everest by plane if we can! Geoff & Erin (Tibet Overland & Bhutan 2010)

Jigme was absolutely fantastic - we had a truely unforgettable trip. Thank you. Nicholas (Tibet 2010)

Catherine, We returned from China on Sunday, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us plan such a great itinerary.  We especially enjoyed the outdoor portions of our trip (Great Wall at Jinshanling, Hua Shan and Emei Shan), and could not have planned them without you.  Also, thought you would like to know that the guide and tour company in Chengdu were outstanding.  Again, many thanks for all your help.  We had a great time, and would definitely consider a Tibet trip sometime down the road. Warmest Regards, Daisy +3, USA (China April 2009)

The trip was great thank you - the guide and driver were extremely friendly and helpful, the country is delightful and all of the hotels were very comfortable. Cathy, UK (Bhutan 2009)

Just wanted to say thanks for a good tour and for all of your help. Thanks also to Kelsang - Great Guide! Mandy, UK (Tibet Overland Aug 2009)

we have safely returned home. We would like to thank You for the perfect organisation of our tibettrip. Every single step from the beginning in Bejing until the meeting with the reponsible guide in Nepal was meticulously fulfilled. Especially Pubu and Annu were friendly and very competent companions and made their best.
Whenever asked, we shall reecommnd Your services to future visitors!
Best regards and thanks again, Yours, Marianne, Rudolf, Johannes, Switzerland (Kailash Sep 2009)

II would recommend Responsible Travel and Tibetan Expeditions operator to any of my friends planning to go to China. It was easy booking and everything was as arranged.
Patricia, UK (Highlights of China - Jan 2008)

On my way back to London. Absolutely loved Bhutan. Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend the trip to a friend.
Mai, UK (Bhutan Feb 2008)

Hi catherine, Am back safe and sound. Please express my thanks to all the guides that I used throughout my trip. All of them provided a very professional and friendly service. I will definetely be using your company in the future and woulf haver no hesitation in recommending you to anyone interested in travelling in that part of the world
Owain, UK (Tibet & Mongolia, April 2008)

We had a wonderful time in China and it exceeded expectation.  Looking at our photos now its hard to believe we were there.   I would definitely return.
Michelle, UK (China, March 2008)

The homestay is a very worthwhile experience in order to understand the life of the Bhutanese.    It is also a great way to try Bhutanese cuisine although this is a little daunting due to the chilis.. It was a very successful and enjoyable holiday.  We have already recommended it to several other people
Pam & Terry, Singapore (Bhutan, Sep 2008)

Hi Catherine,
thank you and the four boys again for an amazing trip around Tibet - it will be unforgettable forever!!!
We had two more days in Nepal and it was difficult to go back to Germany...
Eva & Florian, Germany (Kailash, Sep 2008)

I had a fantastic trip! So thanks again for that! The drivers and guide were great. I am still sorting out my photos. I shall send you some photos of Pubu, Chumbei, Dundhup and Wangchen very soon. I miss Tibet a lot! It was so nice and quiet and people were so generous and welcoming!
Isabel, France (Kailash, Sep 2008)

Thanks again for all your help in arranging our trip to Tibet.
We had a great time....& will recommend you if any friends decide to visit....
Gerry & Simone, USA, (central Tibet April 2007)

We want to say THANKS to Royal Mountains and Tibetan Expeditions for a great 2 week tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa !   We truly will always remember the good times with driver Pemo and guide Jigme !   It was loads of fun and very educational.  Thanks so much for allowing us to make wonderful memories !
Vicki and Barry, USA - (Kathmandu to Lhasa, May 2007)

Just got home tonight, a bit tired but having had the holiday of a lifetime.   West Sichuan was brilliant.   We stayed with lovely families who fed us great Tibetan food and couldn't have been kinder.   The houses were so beautiful, too. We rode little horses on the grasslands and saw lots of nomads and herds of yak, and had a chance to meet local people informally.   I'm so glad we included it all in the itinerary.   We also really enjoyed Emei-shan where we got to stay in two different monasteries.  I didn't realise they would be so comfortable as well as so picturesque!So glad you were able to get something useful for the orphanage and the kids got a trip to the zoo. Anyway, I have to say full marks to you and your company for such a well-organised and memorable trip.   I'd recommend you to anyone.
Best regardsHazel, UK (Central Tibet & West Sichuan -June 2007)

Hi Catherine.  
Just a quick note to say thanks for organising such a great trip.  It was really enjoyable, took a lot in and got us a fair distance in a short amount of time.
Matt, UK - (Beijing to Kathmandu Aug 2007)

I just wanted to thank you for all of the great work that Tibetan Expeditions and Shigatse Travel did for the Read/Doerner tour over the October holiday.  From the suggestions on the itinerary to the trip back to the airport, you did a great job.  When I book trips involving family or friends flying in from overseas, I’ve always got my fingers crossed that I’ve picked the right company.  Not only did everything go smoothly, my expectations were exceeded, and we all had a great trip!
Sherry, USA, (central Tibet - September 2007)

Dear Catherine,
So we made it back!  All in all we had a wonderful time.  Thank you for arranging it so successfully. I want to say at the outset that the whole holiday was fabulous – one of the best I’ve ever had.  Everyone enjoyed it across the whole range of experiences, but especially the outdoor, countryside places.  Please pass on our thanks to all who helped make it such a success.
Clarke family, Australia, (China tailor-made - Sept 2007)

A really great experience. Would go to Tibet again!!
Kathmandu is rapidly becoming a huge mess. China is a phenomenon that we would not have missed, but have no great urge to return to.
Kay & John, UK (Beijing to Kathmandu - Sept 2007)


The trip was great thank you.  I had meant to email earlier but last week was pretty difficult getting back into the swing of work after so long off!!
Thanks again and who knows, Mongolia or Myanmar may well be on the cards in the future so our paths may cross again!
Rich & Craig, UK, (Kailash - Saga Dawa 2006)

We did indeed have an unbelievable and unforgettable time and very thankful to all of you at Tibetan Expeditions!
We hope you're doing well,
as ever,
Philipp and Chiara, Germany & Italy, (Kailash - June 2006)

This is a great trip and I strongly recommend it to any one. The travel company made every effort to accommodate our requests, they were excellent and if you are travelling any ware in this part of the world they are the people to talk to they can arrange trips to fit in with your requirements. Our guide was great he knew what he was talking about and bent over backwards to make out trip enjoyable. The drivers were also great ...
Andy, UK (East Tibet - June 2006)

Before anything else, I want to thank you for a very well-organised Bhutan trip. Everything is going according to plan and our guide and driver are both nice and helpful. It certainly is an interesting place. Darren, UK (Bhutan - June 2006)

Thank you for the trip. We had an uneventful trip home and I have now returned to work. Tibet seems so far away now in distance and in time. It is as if we went there a year or more ago but little bits of memory are returning regularly so I am sure we will be still experiencing it for some time to come.
Regards. Julie, Australia (Kailsh - June 2006)

I would like to thank for organizing our trip so perfectly! We are the four Finnish ladies who travelled in Tibet 16-27.9. Your travel agency is really worth recommending. Special thanks to Catherine who informed us so well during our planning the trip and organized everything so well! Special thanks also to our excellent guide, Tashi, who knew so much about everything and was so polite and patient all the time. We couldn´t have had any better guide!!! Thank You also for the driver, Yudong who was so modest and positive.
Yours, Tiina, Finland (Central Tibet - September 2006)

Dear Catherine, Thought you might like to see this from someone who has just been on one of your trips and had a great time. It will be published on the trip page in due course.
Kind regards, Iris (August 2006)
Web assistant

Hi Catherine, Cate and I just wanted to write to say a big thank you to you, Pubu and Dundup (excuse spelling!) for making our time in Tibet so good. The trip was, in all ways (save posssibly the toilets!), fantastic.
Jonathan & Cate, UK, (Kailash - October 2006)

Hello Catherine,
After more than one month back to France, we are now really ok and take time to write littles words to you.
Before traveling, we built one page (with what we planed before the trip), but there is now (completed only from last monday) a new page with some of our pictures, and little extracts of our trip diary.
Of course it is in french, but it could be a good exercise for you, like me writting this email ! Moreover it could be, if you want, a good view of this trip may be for next french people you will have ? 
Thank you for all, and if you can see drivers or cooks we met, please say them "hello" for us.
Remi & Helene, France, (Kailash, Saha Dawa June 2006)

We are back, we had a fantastic time. Thanks for forwarding the details of the arrangements for Kathmandu. Everything went really well both in Nepal and Bhutan and we were well looked after.
Best regards
Carole, USA, (Bhutan - Haa valley Trek September 2006)

"Having a wonderful time is an understatement! And we loved and do love Tibet and all Tibetans no matter how dishevelled! I give bouquets to all the people that you organised to look after us when we were there especially Migmor and Young Be who we had such fun with and who taught us Tibetan! We actually could converse quite a bit by the time we left. Thank you for organising a wonderful trip and I will certainly go back."
Sally & Alice, Hong Kong (Central Tibet - June 2005)

"The entire trip was fantastic thanks in no small part to Pari and our driver, Gyantsen. Paul and I returned safely to Amsterdam on Sunday. The culture shock of returning to Amsterdam being far greater that the adjustment to life in Tibet. We both cannot wait to return. Catherine, I have to say that Pari was outstanding. Paul and I absolutely hated to say good-bye to he and Gyantsen at the Nepalese Border. It was like leaving two of the dearest and closest of friends. I do hope if your trip to Japan does not push though and you find yourself in Europe, you will definitely consider letting me provide you a place to stay. Catherine all your help and effort was greatly appreciate by Paul and I and we sincerely appreciate your care with our trip. It was unbelievably fortuitous that when searching the internet for travel companies we came upon Tibetan Expeditions. You can be certain I will be contacting you again this year for next years adventure. Thanks very much again and please do stay in touch.
Warmest regards"
David, USA (Kailash - May 2005)

Just a note to thank you for organizing our trip for us. I had a really wonderful time an everything went very smoothly. It was a great pleasure to travel with Pari an Gyantsen and through your efforts and their care I feel I have had at least a taste of the real Tibet. I look forward to tasting more in the future!I hope all is well with you and I wish you all the best.
Paul, UK (Kailash - May 2005)

"Thank you very much for everything you did set up for us along with your very good and very helpfull persons.All of us had a wonderful time in our life which is in our memories forever.Say hello to Mimargtsering and 3 drivers and with the best wishes to all your staff."
Thien Hong, Vietnam (Kailash - (May 2005)

“And once more, thank you for the wonderful time we had when you were leading us over the Roof of the World.
Kind regards from Belgium”
Frank (Beijing to Kathmandu - August 2004)

"Thanks again for all your assistance, for sharing your knowledge re. Tibetan Buddhism, culture, history...
Take care, best regards"
Elka, USA (Kailash - July 2004)

"It has been little bit difficult to talk about trip. People don't understand that much about Tibet and they have strong prejudices. Anyway people have liked pictures and it has been fun to tell stories what has happened during our trip.
I feel that Tibet trip was great and I liked our small group. I got what I wanted!
Best regards"
Mika, Finland (Kailash - June 2004)

"This was a fantastic trip - highly recommended! We were awed on day 2 and completely blown away almost every day after that!"
Nora, Canada (Kailash - September 2003)

“Again- thanks Catherine for such a wonderful experience and particularly as it was such a nice father/ daughter thing for us Basticks!
Sincerely Martin” Australia (Tibet Overland with EBC - June 2003)

I guess two excellent groups in a row would be too much to ask. I hope The memory of us kept you and Sonam going (I am getting to be full of myself). The picture of you on your elephant is hilarious. We can see that is you behind tons of water. I will send the hard copy to HK address. Keep smiling"
Dominique, Canada (Beijing to Kathmandu - September 2003)

"An equilibrated and well prepared program - a fantastic group leader (enthousiatic, experienced, lots of in depth knowledge, local skills) - a small group (8) of adventurous, very international fellow travellers"
Amaat, Belgium (Beijing to Kathmandu - September 2002)


ibet tours, trek, travel, Everest, Kailash, Tibetan Expeditions