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Trekking in Tibet

The scope for trekking in Tibet is enormous, and offers you the opportunity to explore an incredible landscape and a glimpse of an ancient life style.

All take place at high altitude (4500m+) and require a moderate to high level of fitness. A minimum of 3 full days should be allowed in Tibet prior to the trek to allow time to acclimatize. All treks operate ex. Lhasa and may be incorporated into any Tibet itinerary.

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Tibet Trek - Ganden Samye
6 days

Lhasa- Ganden - trek - Samye

From the ruins of the great monastery of Ganden head for the high valleys. The scenery is spectacular and herders are often camped beside the small lakes and streams, their herds of sheep, yak and goats scattered across the high pastures. The end of the trek brings you to Samye. On the banks of the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra), this Tibet’s oldest monastery and one of its most beautiful. Moderate-strenuous

Tibet Trek - Tsurphu
4 days
Dorjeeling - Tsurphu

A 4 day trek to the north of Lhasa offering a great mix of farming and small villages, great and tiny monasteries, uninhabited valleys and high passes.
Trek highland pastures with herds of yak and sheep then climb to cross the 5300 m pass Lasar-la, countless prayer flags wave in the wind. Descend the valley, crossing small streams; climb a short distance to a pass and then descend to a high valley close to Leten Village. Extremely beautiful.
Visit small villages, a nunnery and meditation caves.Moderate

Tibet Trek - Shalu
3 days
Shalu - Ngor - Narthang

A trek through small rural settlements a with high probability of being invited into homes for butter tea. A great view of Tibetan rural life.
Crossing the Chak-la (4470m), the descent is through seemingly barren, eroding hills, however a profusion of wildflowers cover
the ground.

Ngor, founded in 1429 by a scholar from Sakya, is famous for its own distinctive artistic style. Narthang, founded mid 12thC, is a Kadampa monastery once renowned for its printing. EasyiModerate

Tibet Trek - Lake Manasarovar
4-5 days
Chiu Gompa - Langbona -Seralung -Trugo - Gotsuk - Chiu Gompa

The kora (circuit) of the lake is just over 100kms and reasonably flat, though still at 4600m+. You can overnight in the monastery guest houses along the way or camp. Moderate

Tibet Trek - Qomolangma Nature Preserve
Lao Tingri-Rombuk - 3-4 days

One of the most frequently enquired about treks in Tibet due to its proximity to Everest and the great views, but not one of the best experiences. Bear in mind that proximity to Everest is the reason to choose it - not for a remote experience. The trek essentially follows the vehicle short cut between Rombuk & Lao Tingri and you will see vehicles traveling up and down.

ibet tours, trek, travel, Everest, Kailash, Tibetan Expeditions